Cosmic Latte

2x Unique C-Type photoprints (50.3×60.2cm) 2023

Cosmic Latte is the average colour of the universe and was discovered by a team of astronomers at John Hopkins University in 2002.

It now has its own unique colour coordinates and a registered Pantone code too.

Colour coordinates are the codes necessary for humans to duplicate and create any precise colour using paint pigments or digitally for computers and web usage.

The two unique C-type prints are printed inside a telescope using filtered starlight to exactly represent the ‘cosmic latte’ colour.

In short, the viewer is presented with a list of all the colour coordinates representing cosmic latte printed by the actual light (and colour) of the stars themselves.

Thus, the exact colour representing of all the stars is produced by colour held inside actual stars.

These are the only true prints that exist of a descriptive colour being generated by the ‘object’ itself.