Space In Colour

2018-ongoing. Unique C-type prints made from starlight (astrogram process) 50cmx60cm and 110cmx50cm

I have been working on revealing colour from starlight and recording it directly onto photopaper surfaces since starting this project 8 years ago and attempt to complete at least one colour piece each time I work on Dartmoor during clear moonless nights. 

The projects Space in Colour and Rouffinac are also made using my ‘astrogram’ process. 

I am conscious of the label ‘abstract expressionism’ when I look at these works, and it is a constant battle to discover less obvious ways of recording colour from starlight owing to the complex processes, material limitations and lengthy exposure times required for success. 

However, the idea underpinning all my colour work is to create surfaces that capture and reveal vibrant colour from ancient light and darkness (when our eyes are unable to see colour).

These in turn act as meditative spaces, whereby an individual can contemplate deep time, and distance. At the same time witness the miracle of an energy exchange between ancient photons reacting with (and being made permanent by) silver contained on a paper surface that has been thousands of years in the making.