Collaboration and Helpers

Over the last 8 years, I have received generous help and advice from people offering services and advice. Latterly, I have also collaborated with a number of creatives.

Dr Leslie Van Gelder – For advice and kind permission to use her extensive research materials and images of paeolithic finger flute markings in the Rouffignac cave site (France).

More information on her activities and research can be found here:


Dr Martin Robson – For help with star and planetary trace programs. Martin was formerly a radio astronomer at Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge and part of the team that designed, constructed and commissioned the Cosmic Anisotropy Telescope (first to measure to measure small scale structure in the cosmic microwave background). Martin now runs his own data science consultancy business. For further details see: and…277..314R/abstract

University of Cardiff Department of Physics and Astronomy (Robert Lang) for advice on star spectroscopy techniques and analogue capture. 

Make It Easy Lab – Dan Wheeler – For allowing me to process large sheets of RA4 paper also for advice and general calm over the years – Great place and community for all things photo and analogue.

Amanda Steer – For collaboration and her illustrations for the disk and cover designs for the phenakistascope project – a mammoth undertaking! More of Amanda’s work can be found here:


Ro Frames – The best in the SW!

University of Gloucestershire – 3D workshops – Ash Benson-Wilson and Paul Muncaster – For advice, access and training and for continual help and support all things creative. Both Ash and Paul are wonderful sculptors in their own right.

University of West England Department of Photography- For allowing access to their RA4 process facilities.

Venn Barton Farming Ltd – Rosemary and Malcolm Light (and family) for continual access to their light pollution free farmland and all their helping hands and support over the years (often at last minute).

Venn Barton produces some of the best quality grass-fed, carbon neutral beef in England and is also genuine wildlife haven, supporting rare species and habitats. Proving that sustainable beef farming can work on a commercial level.