Lux Nexus Com Tempora (light links life with time)

Mounted silver gelatine disk, powder coated cube containing 1w 33rpm motor (A collaboration with Illustrator Amanda Steer).

Around 5000 years ago the last community of mammoths (Wrangle Island in the Arctic Ocean) became extinct. 

Some scientists feel that mammoths could be bought back to life using their deep-frozen DNA.

Lux Nexus combines 19th century early moving images (phenakistoscope) with 21st century i-phone technology.

The revolving 33rpm disk is a unique ‘astrogram’ print created in 5000-year-old starlight.

When viewed with an i-phone, the mammoths vibrate and palaeolithic hunters run – Temporarily animated courtesy of captured photons emitted when they were all alive together on earth.