3x Unique C-type Astro-gram (110cmx50cm) 2020 – ongoing

During late spring and summer, the area towards the galactic core of the Milky Way becomes visible on the western horizon. The light photons spilling out either side of dust clouds can be up to 30,000 years in age (emitted during the later palaeolithic period here on earth). 

Using my star-splitters I capture this rare and ancient light with multiple exposure techniques.

The shapes and forms on each unique star-print (‘astrogram’) come from the finger fluting marks that children and adults made on the soft clay roofs of Rouffignac cave (France) over 20,000 years ago.

My images represent human interaction, movement and expression from over 20,000 years ago uniquely created by photons that were emitted when these peoples and cultures were alive. 

Leslie Van Gelder’s fascinating research on these early expressive creations, details individual ages and the body positions required to make the art, and makes for compelling reading.  

Two of Leslie’s research images are kindly reproduced here to illustrate how parts of the cave look today.

More about Leslie’s work can be found here: