Light Cones

Powder coated turned nylon, unique silver gelatine prints (15-20-25cm diameter) 2023

Light cones represent an interaction with captured past light and the physical representation of light travelling through space.

When we look at any light source from a distance, all we see is a small dot of light. As we travel closer to that light, the dot becomes larger, until we are finally close enough to be covered by its actual light.

Herman Minkowski (Einstein’s teacher) described starlight travelling towards us as a large cone stretching back into a past, with its tip being the pinprick light we observe here on earth (in the present).

Turned cones are split open to reveal a surface gently bathed in colour. The colour is created by RA4 photopaper (exposed to ancient starlight) suspended upside down inside the cone.

The evidence of the ancient past is now a colour field shimmering on a white surface suspended inside a physical representation of light travelling through time and space.